Puissant International Business are spread to a number of countries in South East Asia, Afghanistan, Middle East and Africa. In all the countries of operation, Puissant has come to be accepted as a reliable turnkey solutions provider. The range of products offered in the International market include the following:

  • Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Transmission Equipments
  • Design, Manufacture, Supply and Installation of Transmission Towers and Sub-station Structures
  • Survey, Design, Supply and Installation of Transmission lines
  • Design, Supply and Installation of Broad Casting Towers
  • Monopoles range from 6 Meters to 60 Meters
    • Telecommunications
    • Radio communications
    • Power Transmission
  • High Masts range from 12 Meter to 60 Meter Sizes
    • Junction Lighting
    • Stadium Lighting
    • Sea port Lighting
    • Yard Lighting
    • Airport Lighting
  • Octagonal Poles range from 3 Meter to 14 Meter sizes
    • Street Lighting
    • Road Lighting
    • Highway Lighting
    • Park / Garden Lighting
    • Factory Lighting
    • Sign Boards