In order to compliment the entire range of power handling equipment across the transmission spectrum, Puissant has a medium level Power & Distribution Transformer unit at Hyderabad, with more than 30 years of track record.

We manufacture Power, Distribution and special transformers to suit any need and weather conditions. We have tailor made program to manufacture transformers to withstand extreme usage conditions and high fault tolerance thresholds.

The Range of manufacture consists of:
  • Distribution Transformers upto 1 MvA
  • Power Transformers upto 12.5 MvA; Oil & Air Cooled
  • Single Phase, Pole Mounted Transformers
  • Instrumentation & Measuring Transformers for both current and potential
  • Torriodal Transformers
  • Totally encased (flameproof) oil field transformers
  • Transformers with fire rating / Furnace App

This unit is capable of manufacturing, testing and supplying 1000 units per month. ( 12000 UPA).