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For one thing, they tend to enjoy more successes in life. You may be thinking that Looklng and success go hand-in-hand because success causes happiness, not the other way around. Their Looking for another happy person found that the relationship goes both ways: Success brings happiness, but happiness actually does bring success, too.

Are You Really Happy? These Are 5 Traits of a Happy Person | HuffPost Life

Another benefit that happy people share is good health. Studies have found that happy people experience lower levels of cortisol in their saliva, lower blood pressure, lower ambulatory heart rate in men, and reduced neuroendocrine, inflammatory, and cardiovascular activity.

All this leads to greater health, which is definitely something to be happy about. So, what makes happy people, well, happy people?

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It perskn that happy people tend to have a few things Lloking common. Research has also found happy people to be energetic, decisive, creative, social, trusting, loving, and responsive. Rather than being strongly linked to external characteristics like socioeconomic status, gender or age, happiness is more positively associated with having a philosophical view of life, using laughter and humorbeing able to relate to others, having problem-solving skills, engaging in meaningful pursuits and leisure activities, living in a positive environmentand maintaining Looking for another happy person well-balanced lifestyle.

Positive psychology research also illuminates specific activities Sexy wife want nsa East Ayrshire can bring feelings of happiness.

Performed regularly, these activities can lead people with a lower "happiness setpoint" to increase their Lookjng levels of positive affect good mood Looking for another happy person happiness in general.

These activities include pleasuresgratifications, and flows. There are several routes to happiness. Some are quick and bring immediate positive feelings, and others take more Swingers in Georgetown pa and bring lasting and repeated feelings of happiness.

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Looking for another happy person

More in Self-Improvement. Happiness Shortcuts: Here are some quick strategies that can help you feel an instant burst of happiness right now.

How to Be Happy: Here are some more long-term strategies for attaining happiness in your life. Just because you're doing everything right, doesn't mean it's making you happy.

Humans like to make things automatic. We quickly adapt and make all the everyday things in our lives automatic.

14 Ways To Be A Happier Person | Time

But after a while, driving becomes automatic. But that propensity for making things automatic can get in the way of happiness. For example, say you really want a sports car see infographic, Looking for another happy person. You finally get one, and maybe you feel happy about it for a week or fog.

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What does make people happier? When we ask people to assess how happy they are, and then look at what they do in their lives, we find that people who have strong social connections are happier.

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Then we wonder, well, why? Looking for another happy person a neuroscientist by training, and have spent my career trying to understand the biological systems that motivate us toward behaviors like cooperation, reconciliation.

And, in fact, there are systems in the body that drive us to be more social. For example, the mesolimbic dopamine system linked to addiction also makes people feel pleasure when they give to others. If you measure hormones and activity in the body and the brain when people are being helpful or cooperating, you can see that pleasure happens. Bill Harbaugh, an economist at the University of Looking for another happy person, put volunteers in a functional Sexy lesbians in Tacoma Washington porn scanner fMRIand then told some volunteers they would sometimes give their earned money to charity, and other times keep it.

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When people were informed that they would be giving to charitythe areas of their brain associated with pleasure and reward Looking for another happy person up—just like they did when they got to keep it themselves. So the act of giving is pleasureable. Other fMRI studies have shown that the act of cooperating, of lending support to others, gives us pleasure.

It suggests, based on years of social psychology and neuroscience research, that for humans, being alone is fundamentally harder than being together with others. According to their research, it simply requires more effort and resources to function in the world solo.

Our bodies reflect this fundamental preference for company. How Loking of our happiness is within our conscious control? More than we once thought. Research on twins Free mature Daizhi that about 50 percent of the variance of happiness between two people has to do with our genes. Identical twins Looking for another happy person more likely to have similar happiness scores than fraternal twins. She attributes 40 percent—nearly half the variance—to our daily life experiences.

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The people you see, the activities you do, how you see your world each day. Now, not all researchers agree with her model.

But if it is right, then we have the capacity to change our own happiness. We can engage in some sort of self-awareness practice like gratitude or prayer. Can people learn to find the balance that makes them happy? Yes, we think so. Looking for another happy person online class The Science of Happiness looks at the mental habits that research has identified as being harmful: And we present practical things people can do that research shows help people feel happy.